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I’ve figured something out about Once Upon a Time

If someone else has already thought of this, forgive me.  I love the show, but I’m not really active in the fandom.

One thing that’s always bothered me a bit about the show is the fact that everyone in the ‘real world’ already knows the stories from the Enchanted Forest (and the other ‘storybook’ worlds), which implies that the events of the stories already happened despite them unfolding, to an extent, over the course of the show.

Then I realized: the stories already did happen.

They happen in cycles.  I don’t know whether or not it’s simply a case of history repeating itself or if the worlds themselves ‘reset’— the show’s creators haven’t been forthcoming yet about how the worlds themselves function.  Either way, the stories recur over and over again.

Indeed- and this part is pure speculation-, each ‘recursion’ could very well be accounted for in an existing retelling: Perrault and the Grimms’ collections, Hans Christian Andersen’s stories, and yes even the Disney adaptations… these could all be earlier iterations of the cycles.  But that’s just extrapolation.

Which brings us back to Once.  Something or someone- and I don’t know what/who- has interfered with the cycles.  It’s tempting to think that the interloper was Rumpelstiltskin, but I think that it goes back a bit further than that.  What/whoever changed the stories appears to have caused a ripple effect throughout different worlds, hence why not only are the Enchanted Forest tales different, but so too are the Land of Oz, Neverland, and even Shelley’s Frankenstein.  

So… yeah.  I can’t say if I’ve figured out something about the show’s ‘myth arc’ or anything, but at the very least I think I’ve stumbled upon an explanation for how the series’ multiverse works.



So I am writing a paper about the violin for my music appreciation course I am taking right now. And every time I think of the instrument, this bastard with his damn sensual and mind tingling plucking of the strings just makes my whole damn body just intensely heat up with passion, and I am like I can’t focus anymore. Maybe I can incorporate Sherlock Holmes into my paper somehow to suffice for the fucking feels I am getting. 


*rolls around in sexual frustration*

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