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(Art By Denita Nyree Piltzer)

Bisimbi Bi Masa

Water Nymphs

Habitat - Forests near lakes, rivers and pounds.

Origins - Congo

Beautiful creatures that live in natural water places, they are know for causing skin disease that only they can cure with their haunting cries. They are so dangerous that only skilled herbalist risk entering places where they are known to be.

I may or may not be writing a story involving the Bisimbi Bi Masa right now, but I couldn’t possibly comment

  • Track Name

    Elsa has sex for the first time

  • Artist

    Idina Menzel






I was collecting the voice files from Disney Infinity when I noticed that Elsa’s are arranged and performed in a rather…amusing way.

Performed by Idina Menzel herself

im crying

What the fuck

???? uuuummmmm


  • Marvel:

    this character is dead

  • Marvel:

    totally dead

  • Marvel:


  • Marvel:

    how dare you suggest otherwise

  • Marvel:

  • Marvel:

  • Marvel:

  • Marvel: jk<p>Marvel and DC Comics, in a nutshell. That, and this timeless game that they play:<br/><br/>'We totes have a consistent continuity.'<br/><br/>'Written by hundreds of creative teams spanning more than a half-century of published material.'<br/><br/>'It totally makes sense, guys.'<br/><br/>'Really.'<br/><br/>'Okay, THAT part didn't make sense, but we'll retcon it so it does.'<br/><br/>'...we may or may not have made it worse'<br/><br/>'But we still have a canon! Fo' realz.'<br/><br/>'Aw, fuck it.'</p>

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